Railway Tracks

Thameslink Resilience


Client Name: Atkins    

Location: Redhill To Three bridges 

Timescale: 16 Weeks + X4  27 Hour possession


Carnwadric, planned and delivered a fully managed project solution, effectively coordinating with all applicable stakeholders. The company achieved a fully compliant project in accordance with all relevant standards, against a scope of works that included:

  • Under track crossings (UTXs) along route.

  • 18 loc bases.

  • Drivers walkways to structures and posts.

  • 2 Retaining walls

  • Embankment stabilisation including kingpost and planks.

  • Recoveries of redundant signalling equipment associated with the above works.

  • All works were completed on programme and within budget..

  • Good relationship with local residents, kept informed throughout the project.