Safety Culture

We are always striving to reduce risks and protect our people, as well as the communities and environments in which we work.

Working in our industry carries a high level of risk so safety is always a top priority for us, and we have successfully built a culture where safety really does come first.


Being safe and keeping our people safe and well is what our Safety First & Foremost principle is all about.

We are committed to making sure that our business, stakeholders and supply chain is engaged and focused on safety at all times by recognising positive behaviours, learning from and acting on emerging trends and addressing poor performance


Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental

Our Safety Culture stems from regular Safety Forums, HSQE Newsletters, and readily available and highly experienced HSQE team.  We implement a program of Planned General Inspections and Directors’ Safety Observation visits which helps to build and maintain a positive safety culture. Our Behavioural Safety programme underpins this, along with feedback from workforce-related surveys


We are all aware of the extreme focus on the rail sector to keep safety at the core of every activity, whilst still maintaining train services. To help achieve this, Carnwadric Ltd has a specialist rail division that delivers a wide range of services and solutions specifically tailored for the rail industry.

Carnwadric  Ltd maintains a highly focused and dedicated Rail Department managed by a board director and having its own highly skilled and flexible team. Our specialists undertake and manage services for rail operators and authorities covering a broad range of activities and associated skills required by the sector.


Don't Walk By

Don’t Walk By is something we ask all our people to do. 

We encourage everyone to look out for one another and have the confidence to speak out and report safe or unsafe acts and conditions, whilst also reporting acts of best practice, no matter how small or insignificant they think they may be. 

We want everyone to work together and be actively involved with making sure any incidents are effectively resolved and best practice is acknowledged and implemented across the business.


We're doing this by creating an ethos that protects our people, partners and customers from workplace health risks, empowering them and enabling them to make informed lifestyle choices. 

We are always aspiring to develop new, safer and healthier ways of working