Our Culture


Carnwadric Ltd business strategy is closely linked to sustainability and defining how we can continue to influence and contribute to a more sustainable world. As we have moved forward, this has become increasingly important, particularly within the industries in which we operate. We believe our approach to sustainability is cohesive across the business; our commitment to sustainability can be identified as three separate areas; social, economic and environmental.


The social aspect covers our pledge to interact and engage with our local communities, the economic aspect is our commitment to ensuring that we employ local personnel and source materials from local suppliers and finally, the environmental aspect identifies how we are committed to looking after and reducing our impact on the environment. Carnwadric Ltd strives to maintain environmental best practice and is always seeking to find ways in which our environmental management arrangements can be continually improved. In response to this our company is now able to implement and administer the requirements of the Civil Engineering.

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Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Providing a working environment which is safe and healthy for all employees and those affected by our activities is the main priority for Carnwadric Ltd. We have a well-established HSQE Department which ensures the highest standards are achieved through a thorough monitoring procedure of all our operations. Our Health & Safety Policy is communicated to every single one of our employees, as is the distribution of best practice procedures and Spence actively participates in several industry led H&S initiatives.


Our commitment to the development of our staff training is highlighted in our support of the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS): all staff and workforce alike holding cards to reflect their experience and qualifications. We believe this emphasis placed on Health & Safety benefits not only our staff but also everyone involved in our operation.​​

Health and Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing is extremely important to us that our people are healthy, happy and maintain a well-balanced work life.  Our focus is on enhancing health and well-being through informed healthy lifestyle choices to prevent illness.  However where illness occurs we provide varying levels of support together with provision of free PPP Healthcare.


Recognising the impact mental health has on wellbeing we are working with ‘Mind’ the ‘Samaritans’ and ‘Mental Health First Aid England’ to help raise awareness through the Health in Construction Leadership Group and the industry wide ‘Mates in Mind’ campaign.


By signing the ‘Time to Change’ pledge, we are demonstrating our commitment to change, how we think and act about mental health in the workplace and ensuring our people facing these problems feel supported.  We are committed to normalising the conversation about mental health in the workplace and have put in place trained ‘Mental Health First Aiders.



We have developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) to meet the requirements of ISO 14001. This system is a critical element of our business operations. We provide a programme of continuous improvement, on-going staff training and targeted engagement of our workforce. 

The impacts of our business are reviewed and documented regularly to ensure that we meet or exceed our legislative requirements and any associated key performance indicators. We look to achieve positive change throughout the business by reducing the potential negative impacts of our day-to-day activities and mitigating the environmental risks of our works and actions. We are dedicated to environmental excellence and continue to seek solutions exploring new technologies and partnerships to help achieve success, to ensure that we meet our core values and objectives.


All personnel throughout the company and also our supply chain partners are actively encouraged to implement, practice and maintain the highest environmental standards in accordance with our company processes and policies.​​​​ Every project has a site specific project management plan which incorporates all environmental matters such as noise, vibration and pollution, as well as client specific, statutory and project specific requirements.


Reporting environmental incidents at the highest level within the company. We work with our customers, their project teams and our suppliers to enhance performance across all aspects of our construction and waste management activity.

We will always purchase materials with low embodied carbon to reduce our carbon footprint wherever practical. Use of recycled materials wherever possible – such as Pulverised Bottom Ash from waste to energy recycling plants. To ensure our construction processes, methodologies and material selections minimise CO2 emissions. Recycling of materials on site – using crushers to grade excavated materials that can then be used as backfill or hardcore. All timber we purchase is sourced from local, sustainable and traceable sources. We trial the use of new technologies and solutions such as the use of solar powered welfare units as opposed to the standard diesel units.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

We are fully committed to the elimination of unlawful and unfair discrimination and value the differences that a diverse workforce brings to the organisation. We support our supply chain and encourage companies who work with us to have an active commitment to our approach on equality and inclusion. We want to be the UK’s leading smart infrastructure solutions company, to accomplish this we must be more diverse. It is well proven that diverse teams are more innovative, creative, as well as having greater understanding of clients, including the everyday users of infrastructure.

We have a clear goal to have a workforce that is representative of society.